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AFAB Enterprises is a privately owned corporation. It is owned and receives its direction from Mr. James O. Corbett of Eustis, Florida. It became a sole proprietorship in 1996 and an S Corporation as of December 1998.

Mr. James Corbett was previously Vice President of an instrument company but left to start his own business. He started a small machine shop, which soon expanded to include a new line of electronic measuring devices--the PR-111 Refractometer and PT-2000 Turbidity Sensor--and now a microprocessor-controlled de-icing system. James Corbett has several patents for some of his ideas over the years and continues to be the guiding force behind the company.

AFAB Enterprises operates a well-equipped machine shop, which fabricates one-of-a-kind to numerous specialty items. It also does a large quantity of machining for local industries, which use the devices that the shop fabricates in the ongoing maintenance of their businesses. In addition, it manufactures all of the process adapters that are required by the sensors of the refractometers and Turbidity meters mentioned above. These are unique fixtures, which permit the sensor to be integrated into the customer process.

Whatever our clients' needs, whether it be custom fasteners, complex precision CNC machining, or anything else, we at AFAB Enterprises are committed to delivering complete customer satisfaction every time. As one of the most dependable machine shops Florida has to offer, AFAB Enterprises is your perfect choice for experienced, professional service.

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